Planning and Preparing for your Relocation

2Moving from one place to another is a tough decision. You do not only spend time looking for your new home but you also have to allot resources to decide for the new job, new neighborhood, new school for your children and everything that you have never experienced before. You ought to search for useful opinions and views about these things and about finding relocation services in order for you to come up with a good decision.

Before the Move

  • Clean out your cupboards, shelves, garage, basement and closets. You need to know which things deserve to be kept and which should be sold or thrown out. Unwanted items can also be sent as gifts for your friends and loved ones.
  • Evaluate whether you still need to bring your old furniture or appliance. Sometimes, the cost of transporting these things is much higher than buying a new one.
  • Notify your utility providers, post office and other companies which require your change of address.
  • Plan for the moving date. Consider your working date and the time when children can be excused from their classes.

During the Move Date

Relocation services may have everything under control but these are things you still have to do to make sure everything falls under control:

  • You should make sure telephone lines are open. You need updates from moving companies and you would wish to be informed about everything that concerns your move.
  • Check if the Bill of Lading is accurate and have the moving crew witness you unpack before they will be allowed to leave.
  • Compare your list with the things being delivered to know whether some things have not reached your new home.
  • Confirm directions with the fleet driver to make sure no travel hassles will come your way.

After you have Settled

  • Make sure you have everything settled with the company providing the relocation services.
  • Obtain all necessary identification cards including a driver’s license and health card.
  • Register your car to the new address. You will be given ninety days by most states to do this.
  • Walk in the neighborhood and orient yourself with the culture there. You need to have an idea of how things are being done like trash disposals and other stuff of this sort.
  • Consult local lawyers for laws and policies within your new environment. This is an essential in living a comfortable life with the new home and residence.
  • Register in order to exercise your right to vote.